Andrei Raichev


Mr. Andrei Raichev (born 1955) has graduated from Sofia University with Ph.D. in sociology. Director of the Institute of Youth Studies (1988), and subsequently (1990) Director of the National Centre for Opinion Polls.

In 1991 Mr. Raichev became co-founder of BBSS Gallup International plc which has emerged as the largest full service market and opinion research agency in Bulgaria, with associate, joint venture and affiliate companies in operations in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina BBSS has since developed the biggest multinational research network in the region. Mr. Raichev holds positions as Director and Member of the Board of BBSS.

Mr. Raichev is also co-owner and publisher of several magazines: the biggest Bulgarian home and life style magazine Nash Dom (Our Home) and the most popular magazine for women Zhenata Dnes (The Woman today).

Mr. Raichev is the author of theoretical books in Sociology: “The Second Net”, “Privileged Points of View”, “What Happened? – a Story About the Transition in Bulgaria (1989-2004)”- in association with Mr. Kancho Stoychev; and of numerous short feature articles on social and political science, as well as on current affairs.

He is married, has four children, and speaks perfect Russian and fluent English.


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  • Privileged perspectives
  • What Happend